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It's Our 15th Anniversary!

Pixie Dust Players is celebrating 15 years! For this year's annual Home for the Holidays concert, we'd love to invite all of our Pixie Dust past, present, and even potential future performers to come together and take a look back at all of the incredible titles we have produced over the years. 

This is the perfect opportunity to reunite with friends old and new, reminisce about all of the fun days from the past, and create new, lasting memories as we get ready to welcome a new year and an exciting season ahead for all ages!


There is no audition required to participate, though you are welcome to send in a video to help us figure out placement!

Interest forms are due by

Sunday, November 26


Each number will have a brief rehearsal prior to our tech rehearsals.


These will be scheduled between December 11-17 based around performer availability.


Monday, December 18 and Tuesday, December 19

(Timing TBD)


Wednesday, December 20

at 7:30pm

Thursday, December 21

at 7:30pm


There is NO fee to participate in this concert!


We do ask that each performer sell a minimum of 4 tickets per performance to help us to recoup our costs and fundraise for our upcoming season.

All rehearsals/performances will be held at JCC Metrowest (760 Northfield Ave, West Orange)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Home for the Holidays?

A. Home for the Holidays is our annual concert which allows our performers to reunite with old friends and meet some new ones as we celebrate the holidays and a fantastic year of theatre! The show features solos, duets, and small/large group numbers allowing everyone to have a chance to shine! As we are celebrating our 15th anniversary, this year's show will feature music from some of our favorite past productions. 

Q. What age group is Home for the Holidays for?

A. All ages! There is a spot for everyone in this concert!

Q. I see that it is an interest form but there is no audition required?

A. To participate in this concert, you just need to let us know you are interested and we will find a spot for you. There is an option to include a video to help us with placement if you have something available to share. If you are only interested in participating if given a certain type of role (for example, if you are only interested in solos or duets), you will have the opportunity to let us know this on your submission. If we are unable to offer you a spot that matches your needs, we will let you know by December 3.

Q. How big of a commitment is this concert?

A. It is a very minimal commitment! Most performers will be assigned one number plus the option to participate in the opening and closing numbers. Each number will rehearse for 15-60 minutes between December 11-17. We will learn the opening and closing numbers on Monday, December 18 and then will run the whole show on Tuesday, December 19. So, its about a 4-5 day commitment in total including both performances!

Q. What if I have some conflicts?

A. Submit anyway and we will do our best to work around them as long as we know about them upfront!

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