At 12 years old Lindsay Maron decided to share her passion for theatre and founded


since then Pixie Dust Players has gone on to produce over


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The commitment and motivation that Lindsay applies during rehearsals is incredible. Every show that she puts on is a new journey that kids can experience. She is such a great director and she is everything behind all of the great shows she puts on. Lindsay makes theatre so much fun and I can't imagine doing what I do without the support of Lindsay. She is inspirational and fun and the best director ever!" 

"Lindsay is a motivational leader in so many ways to young, creative children who not only want to perform on stage but also want to contribute to the magic of theater in other ways including writing, set design, costumes, production, directing, choreographing and casting. Lindsay does it all and it’s an incredible sight to see it all come together in a final performance. She makes kids feel like they can accomplish anything if they are dedicated to being their “best selves” on and off stage. She is a one-of-a-kind role model for younger children who want to explore the world of performing from any angle."



Virtual Summer 

Pixie Dust Players

360 Hamilton St, Rahway, NJ 07065

Premiering August 7-9

The People Garden is an inspiring show about a kindergarten class learning many of life’s simple yet most important lessons.

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