Spring Offerings FAQ

Below is a list of the most common questions we often get. If you have a question that you don't see below, reach out to us at info@pixiedustplayers.org

Q. What safety protocols does Pixie Dust Players have in place for your in person rehearsals/performances?

  • We will be meeting outdoors only.

  • All participants must complete a health screening form prior to each in person rehearsal and must pass a temperature check to attend.

  • All shows will be staged with distancing in mind

  • Masks are required at all times except for the final rehearsals/performances (once spacing has been learned)

  • Cast sizes will be small to ensure appropriate distancing is attainable. 

  • All vocal rehearsals will be held on Zoom. All singing will be pre-recorded with the exception of Step Into the Sun. For this production, all group numbers will be pre-recorded. Solos will be performed live and the microphones will be disinfected between songs. 

  • Audience sizes for live performances will be limited and groups will be spread out and seated 6 feet apart on all sides. 

Q. I see that you are offering multiple productions. Can I audition for more than one?​

Yes! None of our programs overlap so you can technically participate in all three, if you'd like to. You will have an option on the audition form to let us know if you would like to audition for multiple shows and be potentially cast in all of them or if you would like to audition for more than one show but request to only be cast in one. 

Q. What type of commitment can I expect if I am cast?

For Winnie the Pooh, both our remote cast and our in person cast will meet for around 3 hours per week. 

For Shrek the Musical, it may vary from week to week but any given performer can expect to be called for roughly 6-8 hours per week (sometimes less, rarely more). 

For Step into the Sun, it may vary from week to week as the show is widely based on solos and individual moments but any given performer can expect to be called for roughly 3-5 hours per week.


Conflicts will be accepted for all three productions but MUST be given upfront! 

Q. How do Zoom Auditions work?​

Very similarly to how regular auditions work! At your scheduled time (or a few minutes before), you will join a Zoom Link which will bring you to our "Audition Lobby". When the casting team is ready for you, you will be moved to the "Audition Room" to perform your song for vocal auditions or to learn the audition combination for dance auditions. After your audition, you will go back to the "Audition Lobby" to check out with the monitor and then you are free to sign off!

We recommend setting up your Zoom Meeting on a computer if possible (though tablets and phones also work fine). Make sure you are in a quiet and well-lit space (try to avoid having windows right behind you). Set up your camera so that we can see you when you are standing up. For vocal auditions, make sure to have the accompaniment track cued on your own device (either the one you are using for Zoom or a separate device). 


Q. Where will in person rehearsals and/or performances be held?

At Camp Riverbend (116 Hillcrest Road, Warren, NJ.). We will be working mostly at the amphitheater and under the covered pavilion. 

Q. How strict are the age limits?

Our age ranges are always more of a suggestion than a mandate. We are always happy to see performers within a year of the listed ages (or sometimes even more!).