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Production Team

Director/Choreographer: Lindsay Maron
Music Director: Bobby Weil
Production Assistants: Savannah Jones, Rachelle Montilus, Anika Shirvaikar
Production Intern: Eliana Brendan, Spenser Brenton, Lilly Resnick
Set Design: Sean Puzzo
Costume Design: Christine Ruhnke
Lighting Design: Tom Rowe
Sound Design: Casey Hein


Conductor/Piano: Bobby Weil

Drums: Liam McGeary

Guitar: Rob Ziegler

Bass: Steven Franklin


Nick: Ben Seifer

Nigel: Owen Mathay

Shakespeare: Payton Breinich

Nostradamus: Kendal Walls

Bea: Olivia Ruhnke

Portia: Melody Ma

Brother Jeremiah: William Bevensee

Minstrel: Mackenzie Crimmins

Shylock: Rachel Rosenberg

Lord Clapham: Bret Prejean

Tom Snout: Robbie Crandall

Robin: Cole Lesser

Peter Quince: Gavin Colucci

Francis Flute: Jonah Callahan

Yorick/Ens: Kathleen Carey

Snug/Ens: Erin Mazzeo


Caitlin Carey, Cat Powers, Christina Garcia, Emily Cugini, Giulia Ansuini, Jessica Feit*, Sidney Davis, Sophia ZunigaKendal Walls, Olivia Ruhnke, Melody Ma, William Bevensee, Mackenzie Crimmins, Rachel Rosenberg, Bret Prejean, Robbie Crandall, Cole LesserGavin Colucci, Jonah Callahan, Kathleen Carey, Erin Mazzeo


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