The People Garden


The People Garden is an inspiring show about a kindergarten class learning many of life’s simple yet most important lessons. Through great songs, laughs, and moments that will touch your heart and soul – this heartwarming, family-friendly musical, touches on honesty, bullying, sharing, loss and friendship. 


This 60 minute musical has been adapted specifically for this new virtual world and was filmed entirely on Zoom and then edited into a brand new musical movie!


ShowTix4U Stream at Home

We are excited to offer a way for you to view The People Garden from the comfort of your own home - with the best seat in the house!  Patrons can purchase tickets through ShowTix4U that will allow you to stream The People Garden on demand!
 Links to each cast's video on demand are below!

Want to watch a stream of The People Garden  with your favorite cast member? Click here​ to meet our casts!


When can I access the Video On Demand stream of The People Garden?

Patrons who purchase access to a Video On Demand stream have 48 hours to watch the content from the first time they start watching. 


How many screens can I stream on?

Your access code will allow you to stream on ONE device at a time.


How do patrons access the stream?

A patron can access a stream by using the following steps:

  • Purchase a stream ticket on ShowTix4U and download the tickets at the end of the purchase process. An email with a link to your tickets will also be sent. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF NO EMAIL CAN BE LOCATED.

  • Starting on PAGE 2 of the ticket packet, you will find your stream instructions as well as ACCESS CODE. The instructions read as follows:

    • "You can access the Live Stream/Video using any of these options

      • 1.) Point your mobile camera at the QR code on the ticket and click on the notifications that appears.

      • 2.) Open this PDF in a PDF application and click the word "HERE."

      • 3.) Go to and enter your access code.

What devices can I watch the stream on?

Pretty much any device that can play video! You can Airplay or Cast the stream to a television using the following instructions:




ANDI: Erin Mazzeo

AMANDA: Sarah Mattle

BARRIE: Isabella Burdick

BETHANY: Lyra Winton

CHUCK: Sanjana Krishnan

CLAUDINE: Dior Lukanski

DAVID: David Mattle

DANIELLE: Karen Blevins

EDDIE: Jack Maron

ELLEN: Alesandra McFadden

MS. SYLVIA: Lindsay Maron

ANDI: Victoria Chan

AMANDA: Natalie Chan

BARRIE: Seraphine Brooks Tahan

BETHANY: Rosalie Bruton

CHUCK: Francesca Collett

CLAUDINE: Clara Stack

DAVID: Peter Piccini

DANIELLE: Victoria Collett

EDDIE: Connor Maron

ELLEN: Hailey Feeman

MS. SYLVIA: Lindsay Maron

ADAM: Levi Pearl

AMANDA: Jordyn Gulliford

BARRIE: Bronwyn Boris

BETHANY: Chloe Pfeifer

CHUCK: Rayan Czerwonka

CLAUDINE: Ellivia Gold

DAVID: Michael Sargent

DANIELLE: Lena Marano

EMMY: Maeve Schoenfeld

ELLEN: Allegra Tumbleson

MS. SYLVIA: Lindsay Maron

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